Hong Kong Shopping
"Shop 'til You Drop"

Just like eating, Hong Kong shopping is great. That's why it is also called the "Shopping Paradise". You can shop for anything in the world right in this city. The best part is you can see it, you can feel it and you can smell it without traveling too far.

Hong Kong (Shopping)Quality Tourism Services

This QTS logo means a lot to the store owners.  So it does to you.  It gives you confidence to shop at the place where it has this logo.

Hong Kong Shopping Alert

A couple of things you want to pay attention to when Hong Kong shopping:

1) NO sales tax. You only pay what it shows on the price tag.

2) NO refund or return policy. Once you pay, it's yours. If you are hesitant, think twice before buying.

3) If you see the QTS logo on top of this page displayed in a store, that is a good place to shop. It is the authentication from the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

4) Most stores open at 11am.

What Can You Shop For?

While Hong Kong shopping, there are some areas that you should and should not shop in Hong Kong. There are also some places that are especially good for specific items or products. So, here are some guidance for you below:

1) Hong Kong Tailor - Hong Kong was prosperous in garment and textile industries. As a result, there were many tailors. These professionals are in their 60s now and still try to survive with their skills.

Many Hong Kong tailors are retiring, but not their skills and knowledge.

2) Hong Kong Market - Many of them are just some booths in the streets, a.k.a. "Women Streets" in Hong Kong. You can buy clothes, souvenirs, costume jewelry, fruits, shoes and just about anything can be found while Hong Kong shopping.

Going to a Hong Kong market is a must to almost every tourist.

3) Hong Kong Electronics - Believe it or not, a lot of hi-tech electronics are always sold outside of the manufactured countries first. If you love technology, you will love it. But where to find the great deal without worrying about being scammed?

Many advanced technologies are available here first. What Hong Kong electronics can offer you?

4) Hong Kong Real Jewelry Shopping - You can buy awesome real jewelry in Hong Kong very easily at very reasonable prices.  I will tell you some strategies, too.  This will help you to save some money.

Having a second world jewelry authtication center, how can you miss Hong Kong real jewelry shopping?

5) Hong Kong Costume Jewelry Shopping - If you are the costume jewelry person, there is also a place for you, too. You can buy parts and beads to make your own or jewelry for any occasions.

Hong Kong fashion jewelry offers you different buying options.  Find out which works the best for you.

6) Hong Kong Cosmetic Shopping - Some stores in Hong Kong are selling cosmetic look like outlet stores. They have all the cosmetics brands of the world, especially perfume that is very difficult to find. With the self-serve environment, you will feel very comfortable. Or, you can go to the kiosks with wonderful service that you may end up buying a lot that you didn't expect.

You can find almost every brand here.You can't miss a trip of Hong Kong cosmetic shopping.

7) Hong Kong Luxury Shopping - There are many, many super malls in Hong Kong. Like I said before, there are all the brands of the world. You can shop like a millionaire with superb service.

There are several Hong Kong luxury shopping malls.  There must be one for you.

8) Hong Kong Antiques Shopping (coming soon link to Hong Kong Antiques Shopping) - You may walk into some antique stores in the States that many of their goods are second-hand or "treasure of the others". But it will never happen in Hong Kong.

All the shops over there sell real antiques. Many of them are over thousands of dollars. It doesn't mean that you should stay away from it. I will encourage you to widen your horizon.

9) Hong Kong Books Shopping - Due to the Hong Kong history, it can accept many different cultures. There are world of books you can find in Hong Kong. If you love books like me, you will love to hang out in the book stores for a few hours.

Where to find the largest book store in Hong Kong?

10) Hong Kong Food Shopping - Like the books, Hong Kong people accept all different cuisines. Take a look in a supermarket, you will find many different packaged foods with the brands you are so familiar with that you may able to bring back home to enjoy.

What food to bring back from Hong Kong?

11) Hong Kong Fashion Shopping - There are store selling "outlet" clothes, chain store and local designer stores. Clothes can range from a few dollar to a couple hundred dollars. Depends on your budget, you will definitely find something you like.

From a few dollors to several thousand dollars, you can do Hong Kong fashion shopping on your budget.

12) Hong Kong Shoe Shopping - Every woman loves shoes. There is a period of time every year in Hong Kong that shoes are on BIG sales. I am sure you will find some great deals.

Shopping in Hong Kong for shoes

13) Hong Kong Seal Stone Shopping - Are you tempting to get a personalized seal stone for yourself because of your visit of the Hong Kong Seal Stone Museum ? We have a few places to recommend and we will tell you the good and bad.

Interesting to get a hand-crafted seal stone?  It will take a couple hours and you can have it.

14) Hong Kong Pharmacy Shopping - It may sound strange or even crazy to shop in Hong Kong pharmacies. They not only have advanced and effective over-the-counter medications, but also great cosmetics surprises for you. If you believe in alternative medication, you must check it out.

There are many reasonably priced, effective and over-the-counter prescription in the city. Definitely plan a trip for Hong Kong pharmacies.

15) Hong Kong Shopping for Kids - Being parents, I believe you want to shop for the unique toys and other items for your children no matter how old they are. This page provides you the guides where to go and what you can buy.

Got to say, Hong Kong is a shopping haven for kids.  Almost all cartoon characters in the world, you can find them here.

Check back often for new additions to Hong Kong Shopping.

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