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Hong Kong food is really a BIG and interesting topic for me. Perry, my husband, always says, "If you love to shop and eat, you will love Hong Kong." My family loves to eat and cook. All of us are big eaters. If you see their body size, you may not believe it. I always get new recipe ideas from my trips to Hong Kong.

Thess Indonesian dishes were ordered in a Hong Kong Food Court

These Indonesian dishes were ordered in a Hong Kong Food Court

This guide will share with you about different kinds of food and restaurants in Hong Kong. We definitely will recommend to you some of our personal favorites.

Prices will range from USD5 to ridiculously high priced. It depends on your budget. But we will try to give you as many choices as we can so that you can enjoy all the food that Hong Kong has to offer while you travel to or even live in this amazing city.

In any of the Hong Kong restaurants, a 10% service charge will be added into your bill. This goes to the restaurant, not the wait staff. If you are pleased with their service, giving a HKD20 tip will be plenty. Of course, if the dinner is for a huge table, you may need to tip more.

During the Chinese New Year, the service charge may be up to 40%.  However, this practice is fading away recently.

Most Hong Kong restaurants take call-in reservations. But there are 8 people or more in your table, they expect half of them showing up before giving you the table.

What do you think about this fancy tray of Hong Kong high tea food?  Gorgeous, isn't it?

What do you think about this fancy tray of Hong Kong high tea food?  Gorgeous, isn't it?

Varieties of Hong Kong Food

The following is a list of Hong Kong Food and/or restaurants that we are going to cover:

1) Hong Kong Street Food (coming soon link to Hong Kong Street Food page) - There are many of these at every corner in this city. We will not only tell you where to find it, but also the stories behind many of them. They represent Hong Kong's culture and history.

2) Chinese Vegetarian Restaurants - People in this city are so conscious about their body shape and weight, especially ladies. Therefore, vegetarian food is always welcome. Unlike the western vegetarian food, it has its own Hong Kong style that you may not believe that you are eating a vegetarian meal.

3) Western Franchise's - McDonald's and Starbucks are so well-known. Believe it or not, the menu in their Hong Kong stores reflect this city's lifestyle. Step in and try them out. According to Perry, McDonald's in Hong Kong is much better than those in USA.

4) American Restaurants - Perry always likes to go to these types of restaurants so that he feels at home.

5) Peking/Shanghai Food (coming soon, link to Hong Kong Peking Shanghai Food page) - Restaurants of this kind somehow mix the Peking and Shanghai cuisines together. We'll tell you where to go to watch some neat shows that are given by the chefs.

American Buffalo wings with celery ribs and blue cheese dressing served in a Hong Kong American restaurant

American Buffalo wings with celery ribs and blue cheese dressing served in a Hong Kong American restaurant

6) Japanese Food - Hong Kong people admire the Japanese culture and love their food.

7) Hong Kong Food Shopping - What brand of chips do you like? What brand of oatmeal do you have for your breakfast? You will be amazed that some of your favorite brands have some very unique flavors in the Hong Kong supermarkets. This is just part of it. Wait till you step into the supermarkets. You will be eyes wide open.

8) Food Districts - You may find over 40 restaurants in a district within walking distance. It's good and "bad". Good because there are a BIG varieties for you to pick from.  "Bad" because you may want to try more than one restaurant at a time.  You may end up eating around the clock to satisfy your "greed".

9) Seafood Restaurants - Hong Kong is a fishing port. Due to its geographic location, it has the advantage of getting all fresh seafood easily. Almost every Hong Kongnese loves seafood. I will introduce you some seafood dishes served in Hong Kong and great restaurants to try out.

  • Seafood Districts - Like a Hong Kong food district, there are many, many restaurants for you pick.  The difference is that you pick a seafood restaurant that you feel comfortable with.  You also pick what kind of seafood and send it to where and how to cook and serve it.  Oh, yeah....you got the power to do almost everything other than cooking in the kitchen.
  • Seafood Islands - "One stone, Two birds" is my philosophy when it comes to travel.  Visiting world renowned Hong Kong attractions while enjoy the fresh seafood.  Life can't be better than this, right?

10) "Dim Sum" - Due to the western and oriental cultural influence, there are some "dim sum" dishes having the unique twist of the traditional ones.  Tea house and "dim sum" cannot be separated. You can get it almost everywhere. Where to get the best? 

11) Buffet (coming soon link to Hong Kong Buffet page) - Hong Kong people love to eat buffet style. It's not cheap in Hong Kong. But, they serve almost everything and it is always in high quality.

12) Cantonese Restaurants - Hong Kong is part of the Guangdong area. Some Cantonese cuisine originated from here.

13) Spanish Restaurants - Yes, Hong Kong does have restaurants serving authentic Spanish food, not South American Spanish, but real Spanish food.

Look at the varieties and flavors of drinks in a supermarket.  It will blow your mind away

Look at the varieties and flavors of drinks in a supermarket.  It will blow your mind away

14) Taiwanese Food (coming soon link to Hong Kong Taiwanese Food page) - Although Taiwanese are also Chinese, they do have their own cuisine. Some Hong Kong people love to spend their weekend in Taiwan due to the short flying distance. Therefore, its cuisine is also very popular here.

15) High Tea - Looking for luxurious living, this city is definitely the place to go.  Hong Kong has many of the worlds top 100 hotels. High tea is a MUST on our agenda every time when we go back.  My hubby thinks that this is the way to enjoy your "millionaire" lifestyle.

16) Korean Food - It has been very popular since I was in my childhood. Hong Kong people love the Korean grill food so much.

17) "Chiu Chow" Food - My father originated from this town. It has its unique way to serve and cook certain dishes. Being exposed to this food since we were kids, I realized that it could be either very affordable or super expensive. 

Sweet and sour noodles is a typical dessert served in a Hong Kong Chiu Chow restaurant.  Crispy on the outside; chewy on the inside.  I had it at least once a year on my grandfather's birthday when I was a kid.

Sweet and sour noodles is a typical dessert served in a Hong Kong Chiu Chow restaurant.  Crispy on the outside; chewy on the inside.  I had it at least once a year on my grandfather's birthday when I was a kid.

18) Thai Food - Thai food has been very popular. As the growing of the foreign labor force from Thailand, restaurants serving Thai food have prospered.

19) Vietnamese Food (coming soon link to Hong Kong Vietnamese Food page) - Due to the history between Hong Kong and Vietnam, Vietnamese food is very easy to find.

20) Luxury Food (coming soon link to Hong Kong Luxury Food page) - High tea is one thing. How about the luxury food in the eyes of Hong Kong people?

21) Portuguese Food - Macau was a Portuguese colony before. It is only an hour away from Hong Kong by the jet ferry. But you don't have to go to Macau to try their cuisine. You still can try it here.

22) Chinese Bakery (coming soon link to Hong Kong Food Chinese Bakery page) - Have you ever tried this? It may be a bit difficult to find. But it could be right around the corner.

23) Foreign Bakery (coming soon link to Hong Kong Food Foreign Bakery page) - It is heavily influenced by the Japanese style. It is not as heavy as the typical western style bakery. The presentation is even better. You may be wowed just by laying your eyes on the first one.

24) Food Court - A very reasonably priced meal in a clean environment just to satisfy your adventurous heart, how does that sound?

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