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Welcome to Facts about Hong Kong, YOUR NO-ordinary travel guide.

What's in here for you? My mission is to tell you the facts (good and bad) before your travel. Facts that are not publicly known knowledge... So that you can get the best bang for your buck.

Hong Kong Skyline Daylight

What's new?  After traveling so many times and making all the mistakes that you could possibly imagine, I gathered all my experiences and tips in one page to share with you.

Check out these Hong Kong travel saving tips.  Some can even apply to your other trips and vacations.  Who don't want to save more money, huh?

The Hong Kong Peak Tower

Your time is the most precious thing in the world. It is priceless.  You spend the money and take the vacation time out of work. You want to get the best out of it.

Of course, I will cover where to go, what to do, shopping, dining, hotels, museums, entertainment, last but not the least, Hong Kong attractions.

The Giant Buddha

As you know that different people have different opinions on different things, I will try to share my experiences from different perspectives. This will give you more options to weigh in what is good for you and/or fit your traveling plan and budget.

Hong Kong Chi Lin Nunnery

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. After 29 years, I moved over to the States. I am thankful to have this journey of my life. Because when I go back to Hong Kong, I was treated like a tourist more than a local Hong Kongnese.

This gives me great opportunities to learn something that I can only find out being a tourist. The best of all...places that are only for tourists, I was able to check them out.

That's how I can share with you the facts about Hong Kong travel.

The Jumbo (Floating Restaurant)

Like many people, I used to look at Hong Kong on its glamorous side only. As I got older, I started to appreciate different things it can offer.

From my eyes, Hong Kong has so many faces. It is glamorous, of course, historical, close to nature, tourist-friendly, accepting, open-minded, traditional, cultural and many more.

As you go through the virtual tour, you will feel it and see it.

Hong Kong GeoNational Park

I am a foodie. My family and I love to eat around the clock. We love to explore new places and cuisines. We are so happy that this is one of the greatest things Hong Kong offers and we have the opportunities to enjoy it all the time.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Ocean Park Hong Kong

Accommodation costs at least one-third of your travel expense. Picking a hotel is not just looking at the price and location. There are several factors affect your decisions.

I have created a unique hotel rating system so that you can compare apple to apple to make the best choice.

These are just a few that I will share with you. But there are many, many more fun facts about Hong Kong travel. So, sit back and enjoy your virtue tour.


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