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Hong Kong hotels is a very general term when you type it into the search engine and make plans for your Hong Kong vacation. Yep, you may not even realize it until you start using these 3 words.

The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong during Christmas time

The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong during Christmas time

Different Types of HK Hotels

We divide these into 2 main categories:

1) Hong Kong 5 Star Hotel (coming soon - link to Hong Kong 5 Star Hotel page)

2) Cheap Hotels in Hong Kong and Mid-price Hotels Hong Kong Remember, the search engine may bring you something called "Hong Kong Hostels" with an "s" in the middle.

We don't cover the Hostels (a.k.a. guest house) category, it is a new found business in recent years. This business rose because there are more and more Chinese mainlanders coming to Hong Kong to delivering babies. They cannot afford too much before the birth of a new life, they stay in the "hostels".

A room in a "hostel" is less than 50 square foot in a very, very old residential building. It is not even hygenic enough for staying a long period of time. In my opinion, it is not very appetizing. Plus, you must rent it on a monthly basis although the price is nowhere to compare to a Hong Kong cheap hotel.

Another new found business are the Hong Kong "Boutique" hotels. "Boutique" originated from a French word referring to those stores selling second hand luxuries.

Here is the list of differences compared to other Hong Kong hotels:

- Their price is not cheaper than any of the cheap hotels in Hong Kong.

- They don't have as many facilities as in any 5 stars hotels.

- Less number of rooms, ranging from 50-90 rooms in a building.

- Converted from an old residential, industrial or historical building.

- Emphasis on interior design and art which helps their customers understand more about Hong Kong culture.

- Their target customers are young people.

As you understand that every business has to make profit in order to survive. To do so, these Hong Kong Boutique hotels need to achieve daily occupancy rates over 80%. Some of them that can't keep up their occupancy rates tend to cut corners.

As of June 2012 research, some of these hotels charge at least HKD1,800 (USD230) per night.

Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier - HotelsCombined.com

Our Hong Kong Hotels Rating System

Instead of just giving you the price range of all hotels, we will also use different approaches. We understand that different people have different budgets and opinions. For the same price, one person would say it is cheap and the other would not agree.

As a result, we develop 2 systems for you to scan the Hong Kong cheap hotels and Hong Kong 5 star hotels. We use the most neutral and objective approach to provide you the facts so that you can decide which would fit you the best.

The rating system of Hong Kong cheap hotels is based on:

1) Transportation

2) Spacious

3) Quiet surrounding area

4) Easy for shopping

5) Easy for eating

6) Continental breakfast

We will rate the Hong Kong mid-price hotels with this same system because different people view the price differently.

Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier - HotelsCombined.com

For the 5 star Hong Kong hotel (coming soon - link to Hong Kong 5 Star Hotels page), we will provide you with the information below:

1) Is it rated as top 100 hotels in the world?

2) Was there any celebrity staying there at least once? Hotels, like The Peninsula Hong Kong, Intercontinental Hong Kong and Excelsior Hotel Hong Kong are always the picks of the world celebrities.

3) Is it because of its popularity among the Chinese and the Hong Kong people which makes it claimed to be a 5-Star hotel? Like the Gold Coast Hotel Hong Kong is the hotel of the dream in the eyes of the Hong Kong people.  (Believe me, this happens all the time on all Hong Kong business.)

Price Rating

Other than location and the rating system we developed, we understand that budget is another important consideration. We have done the research for you here and use the following system:

Price range (per night)

•$ = $110 or less

•$$ = $120 - $250

•$$$ = $250 - $600

•$$$$ = $600 - $800

•$$$$$ = $800+

(Please note that there may be some price differences due to the changes made by the hotels. Price does not include 10% service charge/tax imposed by the hotels.)

Alternate Saving

Does your employer provide employee benefits such as allowing you to use the corporate rate to for personal travel?

I found out from my employer that they do provide this benefits to their employees for both domestic and international personal travel.

(Well, as usual, I looked it up online to compare the rate. I know...my curiosity always won over me.)

I found that the rate is less than USD5 difference per night. If I stay for a long period of time, it may be a big saving.

Of course, different companies have different contract with the hotel chains. At the end, the corporate rate would be different, so as the saving.

If your employer provides this benefit to you, take the advantage to, at least, compared the price. It may not even worth the time and money to make the reservation by calling the hotel directly for the corporate rate. But if it is a big saving, may as well to do it.

List of Hong Kong Hotels

Also, for your convenience, we will separate all the Hong Kong hotels by districts:

1) Hong Kong Island Hotels

2) Hong Kong Kowloon Hotels

3) Hong Kong New Territories Hotels

This list of Hong Kong hotels has gone through a very thorough and serious research. It includes a wide price range of hotels and service apartments.

Some of them, we had personal experience that I wrote up a few paragraphs to a page to share my opinions with you.

During my search, I found some shocking facts. Certain "hostels", which how they call themselves, are listed as hotels in some major and well-known traveling sites.

If you don't know, you will base on your trust of that website to make your reservation. When you get to your "hotel", it would be too late.

Another stunning discovery is the disguised address provided by the hotel. One of the world famous 5-star hotel chains has a branch in a not very convenient district. There is no MTR nearby.

It put down the address in a way to make people to believe that it is located in Central, the capital of Hong Kong.

Even there is a map, it is hardly for tourists to figure this out. With my research, I corrected this and group it at the appropriate district.

Also, some hotels use special effects on the pictures in which I believe that they try to capture everything in a picture. However, it could easily disguise tourists perceptions of the room spaciousness. There is one that I saw it, but I didn't eliminate it. It is because it's a cheap hotel. It may not be the best. However, it offers acceptable price and environment.

I'm glad that I was able to find out and eliminate them for you.

Although Hong Kong is a very small city, traveling from one place to another takes time and money. If you can find the place where most of your activities will be, it saves you a lot of headache.

Check back regularly for more updates of this page.

Among all the hotel booking sites, we found that HotelsCombined.com provides the best search and/or comparisons of price and locations of HK hotels. You can find hotels based on more locations/tourist spots in Hong Kong than any other major hotel booking site. Many of these tourists spots are also thoroughly introduced in our site where it gives you a good idea of the surrounding area.

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Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier - HotelsCombined.com