Just Need A Clean and Safe Place to Sleep
Cheap Hotels in Hong Kong
Should Fulfill Your Requirements

There are just a few good quality cheap hotels in Hong Kong. But before you decide to stay in one of them, you must prepare yourself that the room and beds are not very spacious. The design is based on the body build of a typical Asian.

However, if your mindset is "I only need a space to sleep for a few hours every day while traveling", you will definitely be happy with the money you save here.

Perry and I travel so much even we have our own children now. We found that whatever stars the hotel rates, it does not give you a very clear picture of the hotel. It depends on your luck.

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Even though you can read the reviews online, many of them are very subjective. Also some of them are surely reviewed by owners or employees of the Hotels.

So, we developed this system to provide you the most objective facts to help you to decide.

Our Rating System

Each item rates from 1-5. 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest score.

1) Transportation - Although Hong Kong is a very small city, transportation does matter. It can cost a lot to go from one place to another, not to mention time. Some cheap hotels in Hong Kong are reachable by all means of transportation, but not all.

2) Spacious - Most rooms are small. But some are extremely small.

3) Quiet Surrounding Area - Convenience does not mean crowdiness.

4) Easy for Shopping - Yes, you can shop anywhere in Hong Kong. But some cheap hotels are very close by some big malls. When you want to go back to the hotel to put down all your shopping bags before going for another round, wouldn't it be a plus for you?

5) Easy for Eating - Same as shopping, some are surrounded by fast food shops and restaurants which helps to please the whole family.

6) Continental Breakfast - 9 out of 10 cheap hotels in Hong Kong do not include breakfast in the rate. If there is, it is another money and time-saver for you.

Plus, we try to draw a circle for a 15-minute walk distance around each cheap hotels in Hong Kong of what you can find and do. We believe this approach will help you to decide what fits you best.

Our Pricing System

We also understand that budget is your another important consideration. We did the research for you here:

Price range (per night in USD)

•$ = $110 or less

•$$ = $120 - $250

•$$$ = $250 - $600

•$$$$ = $600 - $800

•$$$$$ = $800+

(Please note that there may be some price differences due to the changes made by the hotels. Price does not include 10% service charge/tax imposed by the hotels.)

We understand that different people have different budget and opinions. For the same price, one person would say it is cheap and the other would not agree. Therefore, mid-price hotels Hong Kong are also included under Hong Kong cheap hotels.

Facts About Hotels with Harbor View

Due to the location of certain hotels, they offer rooms with views of Victoria Harbour. There are a couple advantages to both the hotels and the customers:

1) The room looks bigger with the BIG window all the way from floor to ceiling. Of course, hotels will charge a little bit more for this.

2) You, being their customer, can appreciate this awesome view. Hong Kong Victoria Harbour is called the "Pearl of the Orient". You can't find any beauty like this anywhere in the world, especially around Christmas and Chinese New Year time. If you can afford to pay a little bit more, why not?

Nevertheless, if you have little kids, this may not be a good idea because it is not a patio door or entrance to the balcony. It is just a window made of glass. If your kid(s) like to climb or run, this may be dangerous.

When you reserve your room, make sure to ask. The staff will always accommodate your needs.

Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier - HotelsCombined.com

List of Cheap Hotels in Hong Kong

For your convenience, there are 3 main sections of Cheap Hotels in Hong Kong:

I) Cheap Hotels in Hong Kong Island

II) Cheap Hotels in Kowloon Hong Kong

III)Cheap Hotels in New Territories, Hong Kong (coming soon)

Check back regularly for more updates of this page.

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