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There are, indeed, cheap flights to Hong Kong. Who doesn't want to have a good deal, especially when it comes to traveling? I have been going back to Hong Kong since I moved over to the States. And Perry has traveled to Hong Kong many times before we got married. But your schedule must be flexible.

Hong Kong Airport

Also, try to stay away from the travel peak seasons in Hong Kong.  I bet you are going to ask when the peak seasons are....

1) Chinese New Year (between mid-January to early of March), depending on the lunar calendar.

2) Easter

3) Summer Vacation (from July - Aug)

4) October (this is the month when there are many Chinese mainlanders coming to Hong Kong for tour)

5) Christmas

I doesn't look like there are many months not falling into the peak season category.  But you can sometimes get away from the peak season by margin.  I personally like to go back to visit between the end of Oct to early of February.

It is mainly because the weather is not as hot and humid during after the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Besides, I can go back to celebrate Chinese New Year and my mom's birthday.  One stone, two birds.

Typical Way To Find Low Price Air Tickets

You will find deals for air travel to Hong Kong mostly by searching the big traveling sites, such as Expedia Top Travel Deals at You may get a last minute leftover tickets and get ready to board in less than a week. Perry did that once. It cost him half of the normal ticket price.

If your schedule is fixed, you will normally get a better deal directly from the airline's websites most of the time.

Beware that there are many small traveling sites out there selling tickets, hotels and rental cars. Many of them have hidden fees that when added up, you will end up paying about the same price as going through the airlines and/or a large traveling site. I almost fell into this trap a few years ago. So, just be careful and always pay attention.

But I want to share with you my latest and awesome experience of getting the cheap flights to Hong Kong and cheap hotels as well.

My Awesome Experience Finding A
Cheap Flight to Hong Kong

Do you always have an impression that cheap flights to Hong Kong should be through a bargain traveling web sites or a tour package? Yes, I had this same impression for a long, long time because it works out for us perfectly every time except this time.

First of all, always remember to use the Hong Kong travel agents if you are going to have a side trip after arriving in Hong Kong. Otherwise, your ticket price would be double. One good example is that if you plan a side trip from Hong Kong to Mainland China, like Beijing, you will definitely get a better deal from a Hong Kong travel agency.

If you know any local, well-known and reliable travel agency in your area, make sure to get a quote. Sometimes, they offer the bestest price ever you could find online.

Recently, we tried to schedule a trip back to Hong Kong. We are planning to be in October which was the first time for us to travel during this period of time of the year instead of during Christmas or Chinese New Year .

We picked October this time because of traveling with a toddler. We want to avoid any bad weather in the States which always causes any delay or cancellation. You rarely experience the cancellation or delay in Hong Kong due to its weather .

At the same time, October is the start of traveling season in both Hong Kong and China. Price of any tour package just goes skyrocketing. I mean for a whole trip for a family jumping USD3,000 more than usual.

Desperation and curiocity made us keep searching. Accidentally, I clicked a check box called "My date is flexible" on an airline site. I compared the price of taking the trip in the middle of the week (i.e. Mon - Thu) instead of at the end of the week (i.e. Fri - Sun). I found the itinerary which was exactly I want.

Then, on the same site, I searched the cheap hotels in Hong Kong seperately instead of tour package. Not only there were more than 10 times of hotels for me to choose from, but also I could find the one I want within my budget.

At the end, I scheduled a whole family trip for 3 people with USD$1,000 less than my original budget and USD4,000 less than any tour package price found online or travel agent. It was because:

1) Clicking "My dates is flexible" to find cheap flights to Hong Kong

2) Taking off one day earlier than the original plan which was a Thursday instead of a Friday.

3) Instead of sticking with the tour package, I purchased the air tickets and hotel separately.

Does the above method work every time? I don't know at this moment. But I know that I need to think outside the box and will try to use this same method next time to find the best deal ever.

Suggested Price of Cheap Flights to
Hong Kong

The following are some guidelines of the cost of the cheap flights to Hong Kong from some major cities from around the world. They are regular price flying coach class. While they often change, this will give you some rough idea of the cost and times of flights:

Departure Country Departure City Airport Code Price Range (US$) Flight Time (Hrs)
Australia Melbourne MEL 1889 9.5
Australia Perth PER 1023-1887 8
* Brazil Rio de Janeiro GIG 3038-4322 22-23.5
Canada Toronto YYZ 1322-2551 15
Canada Vancouver YVR 1136-1145 13-14
China Beijing PEK 880-884 3.5
China Shanghai PVG 588-638 2.5
China Guangzhou CAN 301 1
* Cyprus Ercan ECN 1464 12
France Paris CDG 1180-1255 11.5
* Germany Berlin TXL 954-2686 12-14
India Delhi DEL 414-825 5.5
Indonesia Jakarta CGK 1114-1128 5
Japan Narita NRT 604-1869 5
Korea Seoul ICN 579-664 3.5
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur KUL 600-1327 4
Netherlands Amsterdam AMS 1232-1670 11
* New Zealand Wellington WLG 1405-5115 12.5-13.5
Philippines Manila MNL 507-535 2
* Romania Bucharest OTP 1159-4453 13-15
* Russian Federation Moscow SVO 1270-5192 13-16
Singapore Singapore SIN 328-1554 4
South Africa Johannesburg JNB 1131-1607 13.5
Sri Lanka Colombo CMB 796 6-8
* Sweden Stockholm ARN 1002-5571 13-14
Thailand Bangkok BKK 281-845 3
* Turkey Istanbul IST 958-3021 14-16
UK Heathrow LHR 1149-1591 12
* Ukraine Kiev KBP 1564-6697 13.5-15
USA New York City JFK 1086-1245 16
USA Chicago ORD 1240-3601 15.5
USA Los Angeles LAX 1044-1263 14.5
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City SGN 389-814 2.5

* Non-stop cheap flights to Hong Kong are not available. The above price is for flights with one stop.

This search was based on information gathered on 7/31/2012. Please note that the price and flight times vary due to departing airport, ticket purchase lead time, airlines and so forth. This is just for reference only.

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