Instead of Urban Redevelopment
Many Historic Buildings Are Turned into
Hong Kong Museums

Hong Kong Museums will show that in contrast to what used to be said, "Hong Kong culture is the cement culture. It was bland, with no color."

One of the display windows in Hong Kong Museum of Tea Ware

One of the display windows in Hong Kong Museum of Tea Ware

But the Hong Kong government tried very hard in the last 2-3 decades to improve this.

When the Hong Kong Cultural Centre was built. Buildings with historical value were preserved instead of tearing them down for urban redevelopment.

And I got to tell you that there are quite a few impressive ones that will make you eyes wide open.

Certain Hong Kong attractions are not called "museums". But we think that they have the set up and value like a museum would bring. Therefore, we put them into this same category.

Here is the list:

1) Hong Kong Observatory (coming soon link to Hong Kong Observatory page) - It forecasts the weather and advises the general public if they should go to school or work due to bad weather. It also closely watches the weather and natural disasters in Southeast Asian countries.

2) Hong Kong Museum of Art*** (coming soon link to Hong Kong Museum of Arts page) - It exhibits any art items from the east, west and local works as well.

3) Hong Kong Museum of History*** - Not only does it have Hong Kong history, but also special exhibitions of Chinese history.  For young children, this is the great way to get them interested in something "boring".

4) Hong Kong Science Museum*** (coming soon link to Hong Kong Science Museum page) - Although there have not been many scientific/technological ideas and/or products invented from this tiny city, this museum still captures many good exhibits.

5) Hong Kong Space Museum*** - This egg-shaped dome building shows some great movies like the National Geographic or Discovery channels in its dome-shaped screen theater. Many Hong Kong people love to go here. Every elementary school brings their students here at least once.

6) Hong Kong Film Archive - (coming soon link to Hong Kong Film Archive page) - Not only the movie history of Hong Kong and China, but it also includes other countries.

7) Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence*** - This building was restored from the remains of an old fort. Next time when I go back to Hong Kong to visit, I am sure that I will go here again.

8) Hong Kong Visual Art Centre - (coming soon link to Hong Kong Visual Art Centre page) It provides facilities for trained artists of sculpture, printmaking and ceramics, for practicing and holding other visual arts activities.

9) Sam Tung Uk Museum - (coming soon link to Sam Tung Uk Museum page) It is a 200-year-old walled village which reflects how people lived together in the past. The layout and the structure has its own meaning of how it is supposed to be done.

10) Ping Shan Tang Clan Gallery Cum Heritage Trail Visitors Centre

- (coming soon link to Ping Shan Tang Clan Gallery Cum Heritage Trail Visitors Centre page) It was settled by the Tang clan. It was very common in the New Territories than clans would occupy certain area.

11) Sheung Yiu Folk Museum - (coming soon link to Sheung Yiu Folk Museum page) It was originally a fortified village built in the late 19th century.

12) Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum - (coming soon link to Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum page) This monument shows how people lived in Hong Kong in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220AD).

13) Law Uk Folk Museum - An 18th century Hakka village house. Although the Hong Kong government puts a lot of in promoting this museum. In my opinion, you may want to check out our page first before making a special trip over there.

14) Hong Kong Railway Museum - The museum building was converted from an old railway station.  I also suggested you to check out our page before making the decision of your trip.

15) Dr Sun Yat-Sen Museum*** - The building was originally the residence of the brother of the Hong Kong's magnate. Just the interior design of the building makes it worth a special trip to this museum.

16) Fireboat Alexander Gratham Exhibition Gallery - (coming soon link to Fireboat Alexander Gratham Exhibition Gallery page) -The ship itself shows the prosperity of the past shipbuilding industry in Hong Kong.

17) Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre - (coming soon link to Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre page) - Hong Kong was inhibited by early settlers as far back as 6,000 years ago. This museum keeps many relics to show you the history of the early settlers.

18) Hong Kong Heritage Museum*** - (coming soon link to Hong Kong Heritage Museum page) - To learn more Hong Kong culture , this will be a great place to go.

Moreover, they have Children's Discovery Gallery specially designed for kids from age 4 to 10.

19) Museum of Tea Ware - It does not matter if you like tea or not, you will find this museum very interesting. Different areas in China have different tea customs. And the tea wares are just amazing.

20) Seal Stone Museum - The Chinese have a long history of using seal stone. You can see how it changed from one period of time to another by looking at this great collection.

21) Hong Kong Racing Museum - Overlooking the nice view of the Racecourse in Happy Valley. If you go to watch the horse racing, may as well pay a short trip over there.

***These museums are eligible for Museum Weekly Pass through which you can enjoy unlimited admission within one week. Click here for more details.

Click here for the Weekly Pass Application.

The following are Hong Kong attractions that we think should belong to the museum category:

1) Hong Kong Avenue of Stars - It will remind you of the Hollywood walk of the stars. Instead of Hollywood stars, you will see the hand prints of Hong Kong stars.

2) Chi Lin Nunnery - The only building in Hong Kong that was built without nails. It imitates the building structure and methods used in the Tang dynasty.

3) Nan Lian Garden - This is an extension of Chi Lian Monastery.

4) "Tai Fu Tai" - A residence of a rich family in the past in a high government position.

5) Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree - A tree that is said "will make your wishes come true".

6) Hong Kong Comic Avenue (coming soon - link to Hong Kong Comic Avenue page) - Hong Kong people love comic. This showcases the development of the comic in the last generation to now.

Check back later for more updates.

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