Only 6 out of 8
Universities in Hong Kong Recognized By the
Hong Kong People

Universities in Hong Kong get a head start with their students, the students in their Senior year of High School (grade 12) are exposed to second year university curriculum.

Of the 8 universities in HK. The top 3 are:

1) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (coming soon link to HKUST page) considered to be the # 1 University in HK.

2) Hong Kong University has the longest history.

3)Chinese University of Hong Kong (coming soon link to CUHK page) always picks the best of the best students.

The next 3 Universities offer full curricula, but specialize in certain fields of study:

4)Hong Kong Polytechnic University (coming soon link to PolyU page) they are known for their Design and Engineering programs.

5) City University of Hong Kong (coming soon link to CityU page) they excel in research and professional education.

6) Hong Kong Baptist University (coming soon link to HKBU page) their specialty is Journalism.

Rounding out the list the last 2 Universities are:

7) Lingnan University(coming soon link to LU) one of the last to be recognized as a University.

8) Hong Kong Institute of Education (coming soon link to HKIE) students that graduate from this university mostly become teachers.

Students whom are accepted by the top 3 universities in HK, really are the best of the best. It is because Hong Kong has a very complicated examination system. Students are always under extreme pressure since the first day of school.

In my opinion, because of this competitive environment, I can now handle stress better then others. Perry and I actually are thinking about sending our son back to Hong Kong to study.

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