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You will be surprised at how many Hong Kong travel agents there are. How could they still survive in the internet era?

Their survival is not only because of the tour packages they provided, but also ticket reservations.

Hong Kong is a very tiny city. Domestic travel is not as common as in other countries, such as US and China. Overseas travel still dominates. With the busy life style of Hong Kong people, they rather pay a little bit more for someone to do the work for them.

Since Hong Kong is a hub of Asia, you can travel to other Asian countries from here easily, especially to China. Are you thinking to travel to any other Asian countries nearby while you are taking Hong Kong vacation? If yes, there are a few HK travel agents with long business history that we recommend, such as Hong Thai, Wing On, Morning Star and Kwan Kin. They are the biggest among thousands of Hong Kong travel agents.

But what values these travel agents bring to you instead of going with the internet?

Here is a run-down of what they provide in their tour packages:

As soon as you sign up a package, your Hong Kong travel agent will take care of the rest of the travel documents, except for those embassies that you need to present in person. Most of the time, the fee for these travel documents is included in the package.

In about 1-2 weeks before the trip, there will be a small meeting. The Hong Kong travel agent will go through the itinerary with everybody as a group. By this time, all your travel documents and ticket are ready to go. Your passport would be in the hand of your travel agent and given back to you at the airport before departure. (Yeah, isn't that nice? You have one less thing to remember for the trip.)

In the meeting, they will tell you the following:

- What meals will be provided. In very rare situation, except something very special in the country you are going to visit that you need to pay your own meal. If that is the case, it will be only 1-2 meals max.

- What kind of clothes you need to pack.

- How much money you need to bring which should be enough for everything, including shopping

- Brief you some important airport regulations

- Percentage of "tips" that you need to give to the tour guide and tour bus driver at the end of the trip. This is a MUST. The percentage will vary based on the trip and your Hong Kong travel agent.

Here is a little story about the "tips" I talked about earlier.

I still remember how it started. I was 9 traveling to Japan during our summer vacation. The tour guide passed around the bag in the last leg of the trip and asked for "tips". Some people in the same tour with us even didn't bother to put in a penny. Now, remember, this was new to people back then. A few years later, it became a "ritual".

Some people may say, "I can arrange a tour all by myself of getting the same information. Why bother to go through a Hong Kong travel agent?" You are absolutely right. I have friends doing this all by themselves for years. But most Hong Kong people do not have that kind of time at all. For them to take a vacation and a good break, most of them prefer to pay a little bit more to have someone to take care of everything.

Plus, if you compare the price and quality around the world, tour packages organized by Hong Kong travel agents are relatively low.

Just one comment, these Hong Kong agents definitely have tour guides capable in speaking fluent Cantonese and Mandarin. Most of them can speak fluent English. Make sure to check with the agents if they speak in the languages that you understand before signing up any packages.

In the 1980s, there were a lot of sudden closings of the Hong Kong travel agents. Many people lost the money because they needed to pay ahead of time. So, the Hong Kong government has more control over these organizations in order to avoid it happening again.

I remember during that time, my parents signed up these tour packages at least once a year to take us to explore the world. There were many incidents that we were so lucky. As soon as we finished the tour with certain Hong Kong travel agent, it closed. We were very fortunate that we didn't lose the money and ruin the vacation.

For more information about Hong Kong Travel agents and their registry with the Hong Kong government, click here

Do you want to sign up some Hong Kong Tour packages? If yes, check with your hotels.

Some hotels do offer daily tour packages. It is very condensed. If you are only staying for a couple days, this can save you a lot of work and time in doing the search. Besides, you don't need to worry about transportation arrangement. The tour bus is always there waiting for you, especially during the hot summer in Hong Kong.

Local tours with these agents for elderly or some communities in Hong Kong are very common. One of the most popular local tours is to go to the Buddhist temples and stay for their lunch.

The setback of joining the hotel local tour package is that you must follow their tight schedule. If you find a favorite tourist spot and want to take time to enjoy it a little bit more, it's almost impossible, except leaving the tour or making another special trip to go back later. It will depend on your preference.

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Asia to Africa Safaris Ltd Suite 504, 5/F Chinachem Hollywood Centre, 1-13 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong (852)2525 2776

An Asia-based safari company that specializes in arranging tailor-made luxury safaris to Africa for Asians and the expatriate community. Journey with us to Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe as we have first-hand knowledge, experience and trusted partners in Africa.

Price range:USD 4,000 per person for one week tailor-made trip

Luxe Travel Hong Kong 3/F, 131 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong (852)2854 9888

This Hong Kong travel agent understands “Time is a luxury”. It specializes in the field of luxury travel and be recognized for offering exceptional first class concierge service anticipating the needs and desires of travelers to make journey hassle-free. You will be amazed from your different experience.

Price range:USD 130 - 25,000

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