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Which Hong Kong seafood restaurants should you go to enjoy the delicious meals? Literally, everywhere in the city.

Hong Kong Seafood Restaurants Fish TankIt is very common to see a BIG fish tank in the middle of a Hong Kong Chinese restaurant.

But....different places serve differently with different atmosphere and setup.

To make it easy for you to choose the best place or a few great places to enjoy Hong Kong seafood, I am going to divide them into 3 main categories:

1) Seafood restaurants anywhere in the city
2) Hong Kong seafood districts
3) seafood in Hong Kong outlying islands

History of Hong Kong People and Seafood

Hong Kong people love seafood. This culture is heavily influenced by the history and the geography of this city.

Why? Hong Kong was originally a fishing port. People had been living on seafood for many, many years.

In the eyes of many people nowadays, eating seafood is like having luxurious food. But when it was a fishing port, seafood was like the daily necessities besides crops grown
out on their properties.

Hong Kong Seafood Restaurants

Hong Kong Dried SeafoodYou can easily see the dried seafood anywhere in Hong Kong, such as the wet market.

You can literally order a seafood dish in any Hong Kong restaurants. But some of them specialized on certain seafood, especially those in the dried form, such as abalone, shark
fins, sea cucumbers, dried oysters, dried scallops and so forth.

This kind of ingredients can easily be spotted anywhere in Hong Kong.  But you can find a lot.  I mean a lot....in the Western District.

Slow cooking abalone in a Hong Kong restaurantA typical abalone dish served in Hong Kong seafood restaurant using the dried abalone.

Seafood dishes use any dried ingredients mentioned earlier take at least a day for preparation and the slow cooking process. Some 5-star restaurants require at least a week advanced order and reservation.

A side note, the slow cooking process talked above is not like using any modern slow cooker to prepare that dish. These top notch and scrumptious Hong Kong seafood dishes use the traditional pots and pans to prepare which is also the reason why they charge so much.

Here are some great restaurants that I would recommend to enjoy the seafood.

Jumbo Kingdom

Hong Kong Jumbo KingdomHong Kong Jumbo Kingdom, the floating restaurant, serves Hong Kong seafood. But it is also one of the most famous attractions.

One of the most famous Hong Kong seafood restaurants that you must check it out is the Jumbo Kingdom in Aberdeen. It is a floating restaurant and one of the tourist musts on the list of Hong Kong attractions.

They serve dishes using dried and fresh seafood ingredients. The atmosphere and setting is one of a kind.

Hon Po Restaurant

Baked lobster with Cheese Sauce on bed of Noodles or Spaghetti - Hong Kong seafoodBaked lobster with cheese sauce on bed of noodles or spaghetti is a very typical Hong Kong seafood dish.

Hon Po Restaurant is very famous of serving lobsters. And it does live up to its name. There was a time that they literally had a branch in every Hong Kong district. But after
the financial crisis, it significantly shrank to 2 branches in relatively remote areas.

One of its branches is located nearby Kowloon City, a famous Hong Kong food district.

Recently, I found that they started to build their company back up. But I think it will
take some time to expand to the former scale.

Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant

When it comes to shark fin soup, you must try the traditional way in the Chiu Chow restaurants.  Check out more from here.

Forum Restaurant

Tthe owner and executive chef of the Forum Restaurant is very famous in preparing abalone. Just the chef alone earned a lot of awards for his famous dish.

I have been to this restaurant when it was at the old location several years ago.

Everything served in this restaurant is very small, delicate and petite. If you think that you can walk out of this Hong Kong seafood restaurant with a full belly, it will cost
a fortune.

The food was good, so as the well-known abalone dish. But I think I heard a lot about the good thing about this restaurant, I had very, very high expectation. By the time I
tried everything out, it didn't reach my expectation. I believe this happens quite a lot in the real world.

Since it is such a world renowned restaurant, it is very easy to spot some Hong Kong celebrities and movie stars while you dine in there.

If you want to have a once-in-lifetime experience in a restaurant run by a culinary legend, stop by this place.  Advance reservation is required.

Fresh fish served with hot chili - Hong Kong seafood restaurantsThis fresh fish with hot chili was served in a Hong Kong restaurant serving Szechuan cuisine.

Like I said, you can enjoy Hong Kong seafood literally anywhere.  Here are just some restaurants I recommended because of the specialty they offer.  If you have been to
different seafood restaurants in Hong Kong, I would love to hear from you.  Please share.

Going to the New Territories and outlying islands to enjoy Hong Kong seafood is very different from just stepping into a restaurant, check out these pages:

1. Hong Kong Seafood Districts

2. Hong Kong Seafood Islands

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