Hong Kong Tourism Board
Promoting Hong Kong Tourism

Hong Kong Tourism Board was originally called Hong Kong Tourist Association.

Hong Kong Tourism Board Logo

HK Tourism Board Logo

Its headquarter is at 9-11/F, Citicorp Centre, 18 Whitfield Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

It promotes Hong Kong tourism through advertising, website and/or hosting international events. It also takes complaints from tourists.

The following are the locations of their visitor centers:

1) Hong Kong Airport - Transfer Area and Buffer Halls A and B, Arrivals Level, Terminal 1

2) Lo Wu - Arrival Hall, 2/F, Low Wu Terminal Building

3) The Peak Piazza

4) Star Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui

The visitor centers of nowadays are very simple and hi-tech in setup. It has a big section where you can get the free brochures of the tourist spots and some suggested alternative Hong Kong tours.

Honestly, I prefer the old setup of the Hong Kong Tourism Board visitor centers where you could find so many good quality collectibles, such as Hong Kong Star Ferry, tram models and so forth.

Fortunately, these collectibles are sold in many popular tourist spots, such as the Hong Kong Victoria Peak, the Ocean Park and Ngong Ping 360.

If you are interested in a Hong Kong Junk Boat ride, you can sign up here. As of Oct 2012, it costs HKD100 per person which is a great price, in my opinion. Make sure to sign up for this ride at least 3 days ahead of the time if you would like to go on the Junk Boat.

It is a kind of boat that the Hong Kong fishermen used to use. It became the logo (see picture on top of this page) of Hong Kong Tourism Board. There were several times we want to sign up. But it was fully booked.

Hong Kong Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Logo

Hong Kong Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Logo

Hong Kong Tourism Board also launches Quality Tourism Services (QTS) scheme to promote local businesses which provide excellent services. Qualified merchants display the QTS logo in their store front and must go through the annual assessment of this program.

Stores with this logo could be restaurants, hotels, boutiques and more. They take pride having this logo. It is pretty much like a guarantee of great services and product quality.

Nothing is better than having a famous Hong Kong movie star to promote Hong Kong tourism.

It is not surprising to see TV commercials having the celebrities promoting excellent services and courtesy to tourists.

I had a great experience many years ago of stepping into one of the visitor centers to ask questions related to a tourist spot. You will be amazed how friendly and helpful the staff are.

All of them speak fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and English. Some of them may be able to speak other languages. They also have free leaflets with brief introductions of some Hong Kong tourist spots. So, if you have any questions, feel free to stop by.

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