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What lady doesn't like pretty clothes? Hong Kong Fashion Shopping offers you tons and tons of choices. You can spend outrageously or within a super tight budget. In the end, it will always satisfy you.

Hong Kong Fashion Shoppin

If you are a fan of certain brands, you can definitely go to big malls to buy them. Hong Kong has almost all the brands from all over the world.

There are some Hong Kong original brands with great design and quality. Most of them are not limited to men and children clothes.

Chain Stores

Here are some great Hong Kong fashion shopping chain stores:

1) Bossini - That's my mom's favorite brand. Price is great with superb quality. Staff are very courteous, but not hard-sell. If you need adjustment, you can get it done with a very reasonable price.

Bossini, a Hong Kong brand fashion store with super quality and great price

Bossini, a Hong Kong brand fashion store with super quality and great price

2) G2000 and U2 - They have a very similar theme. Part of the reason is they were founded by the same company. Being in Hong Kong so many years, I still sometimes mix them up. They always have very decent design and/or color of outfits for people working in the office.

3) Veeko and Wanko - This is the place purely for ladies. You can find office outfits, clothes for special occasions and parties. They are under the same corporate company. So, the store front and themes are very similar. But Veeko is for higher-end clothing, so as the price.

4) UNIQLO - This is my mom and sisters' newfound love.

The quality and style is very similar to Bossini. But the price is much lower.  Last time when I was there, I got 15 pieces of top quality clothing for kids and adults for about USD100.

What surprised me the most, they even have the size for Perry which is very rare.

My proudest finding was the undershirt which give you extra warmth in the wicked winter. It has the technology that absorbs the sweat, but does not make you feel cold.

Perry has been looking for this kind of undershirts for years. It was like dreams come true to him.

There are not many branches compared to the other giant chain stores. But I do definitely recommend you to pay a trip over there to check it out. You may be surprised what you can find.

Uniqlo, my mom and sisters' new place for Hong Kong fashion shopping

Uniqlo, my mom and sisters' new place for Hong Kong fashion shopping

By Hong Kong Local Designers

You can also find unique and/or trendy design in Hong Kong fashion shopping. Some local designers have their own boutiques.

They are not very famous. Their designed clothes are only 1-2 pieces available throughout the whole world. Price may be a little higher. If you are willing to pay for it, you can definitely find something in your next Hong Kong fashion shopping trip.

These local designer boutiques are usually located in Island Beverly Center, Causeway Bay and Rise Shopping Arcade, Tsim Sha Tsui. Beware that their sizes are very limited and usually very small due to the typical Asian size. So, don't get upset if you can't find the size fit you.

Hong Kong Fashion Shopping On Budget

Can you go crazy in Hong Kong fashion shopping even when you have a tight budget? ABSOLUTELY..... My mom and sisters love to do this.

These stores sell clothes of different brands. Sometimes, you can find some decent brands for just a few US dollars. Their renovations may not look that great. But the price, quality and size is absolutely wonderful. Most of them don't let you try them on. So, you may take some risks of buying clothes that don't fit you. But it only costs a couple bucks. And you never regret with this Hong Kong fashion shopping experience.

These stores are located in different areas. A few places have many of these stores opened almost next to each other:

1) Hong Kong Island

    a) Wan Chai along the tram rail by the Wanchai Wet Market.

    b) Stanley Market - There are a few stores selling some outlet clothing as low as 
        HKD20 a piece.  However, it depends on your luck.  Sometimes, you will find a lot. 
        Sometimes, you don't.  In my opinion, it is still worth a trip.  Other than just
        shopping for clothes, there are a lot of things you can do in that area, including
        dining and other great Hong Kong attractions.

2) Kowloon Peninsula - Tsim Sha Tsui Granville Road. Usually, shops on both ends of this road charge higher for the same clothes. Try to check out a few stores first before going crazy.

3) The New Territories - Sham Shui Po offers the lowest price compared to the above 2 areas.

You can buy baby, kids, ladies and men clothes in all of the above stores.

Last time I was in Hong Kong, my family, as usual, spent hours in these stores in Sham Shui Po. We spent a little bit over HKD1,300 (around USD162.5) for 30+ pieces of clothing. So each piece averaged USD5. The quality, design and everything was great. Where can you find any steal like that for brand new clothes?

Ladies Market in Mong Kok and Jardine's Crescent in Causeway Bay are 2 typical places to buy clothes. In my opinion, they are a little bit pricy with that kind of quality. And you can't try them on. If you find something that you want so desperately, definitely buy it. But don't go too crazy. Shop around first because you can find the same clothes from different vendors on the same street with drastic price difference.

Looking for Something Different?

Are you looking for something totally different in styles? Chinese traditional design clothing? Like Chinese silk and "Cheongsams"? You have plenty of choices, too.

1) Shanghai Tang - This store's style is the Chinese and western fusion. The cutting is like the traditional clothing. But the color and design are western style. It is very pricy. But they are absolutely gorgeous. When Hillary Clinton was First Lady of the United States, she shopped here during her visit in Hong Kong.

2) Chinese Arts & Crafts (HK) Co., Ltd. - Buy it authentic. The clothes here are definitely made in China. They have the size for women, men and children, sometimes babies. You have the choice of traditional and traditional-western-fusion designs. Price is much more reasonable than Shanghai Tang.

3) Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Peninsula - There are tons of stores where you can buy from in this area. The only setback is that you are not allowed to try them on. But the price is much, much cheaper than the above.

In my opinion, it's always nice to buy something from these stores and bring back home as gifts, such as scarfs, slippers and etc., to your family and friends.

Feel free to shop around first before buying tons of them because the price range is very different among the stores even they are in the same area. A few of them may offer or accept quantity discount.

Just remember, there is NO return/refund policy. If you hesitate, think twice before you buy it. Having this in your mind, you will have wonderful time in Hong Kong Fashion shopping.

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