Hong Kong Shopping for Kids
Make Parents and Kids Happy

Hong Kong shopping for kid is not only for children, but also for parents.

Hong Kong Shopping for Kid in Accessorie

Several great items here:

1) Mickey Mouse Chopsticks for beginners; 2) A box set of Mickey Mouse utensiles, such as fork, spoon and a pair of chopsticks;
3) Mickey Mouse Watch bought in Sogo Department Store

Being a parent, do you always look for something unique for your kids no matter how old they are? After a while, you ran out of ideas. You are getting anxious because you want to see your children happy. When they are happy, you are happy. Agree?

Shopping is one of the biggest things that you do during your Hong Kong vacation. I am pretty sure you don't have problems finding great deals for shoes, clothes and books for your kids. But there are more than that.

One of my co-workers told me lately about a set of toys she ordered online with Ben 10 characters on it. She said that they came from Hong Kong and she had never seen toys like this with her twins favorite characters that she can buy in the States. I am talking about a person has a lot of domestic business travel and look for bargain at any time and anywhere.

So just by this story, you can tell how much fun you will have in your Hong Kong shopping for kids and how many great stuffs you can buy.

There are a few places where you can do the fun Hong Kong shopping for kids.

1) Hong Kong Market - Toys, school bags, stationaries
The one in Wanchai specializes in toys. The one in Mongkok has all of the above, such as chopsticks, silverware, school supplies, clothing and toys. The price is very, very reasonable. The quality of the items...it depends.

WAHM Masters Course

Hong Kong Shopping for Kids Clothes

2 Mickey Mouse Tee Shirts bought in the Hong Kong Market

Hong Kong Shopping for Kids' Clothes Size Char

Children clothes measurement based on the left column of the above size chart. The right column measurement unit is "cm" or "centimetre". This chart gives you the convenience to find the right size for your child(ren).

2) Hallmark
You can find a branch in almost every department store or a big mall. You can find stuff dolls, candies and school supplies. Stuffs from here are expensive. But it is guarantees that there is no copycat that you may find in the Hong Kong Market.

3) Stripe malls
You can easily find at least one little school supply store in this kind of mall with the display window filled with Hello Kitty, Forever Friends and/or other popular cartoon characters. They specialize in school supplies. Most of them are original at medium price.

I mentioned about the price in the above. Here are some actual numbers for you to get a better idea.

For instance, you have a budget of HKD200 (approximately USD25) for be in this trip of Hong Kong shopping for kid. If you go to the Hong Kong market, you can get about 6-8 items. If you spend the same amount of money in Hallmark, you may get 3-4 items, 5 would be the max. Just remember one thing, you get what you pay for.

Hong Kong Shopping for Kids' books and school supplies

A Mickey Mouse book for 3-5-year-old children in practicing writing and A Toy Story pencil case bought in the Hong Kong Disneyland store


4) Sogo and Swatch - Watches
For bigger kids, they can find watches of their favorite characters in the watch/clock session of a department store or Swatch easily.

5) Disney theme store - (of course) anything from Disney.
If you have a Disney theme store close to home, I would not bother to go in. Price is about the same without anything special. You may find just a few handful of items that are unique.

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