Are You A High-Tech Person?
Hong Kong Electronics Shopping
Is Right Up Your Ally

Hong Kong electronics shopping is for people like you who like the most advanced and high-tech products in the market first. I've read a book about the Chinese market. It said that it is common for manufacturers to do this. They want to test the market before going world-wide.

Hong Kong Electronics Shoppin

So, if you are a high-tech person, you can do Hong Kong electronic shopping in 2 different places:

a) Apliu Street

I didn't shop at this place before. But many electronics guru and geeks love to search for steals in this place. You do have a risk though.

Some dishonest stores may push you to buy something which are way more than the market price compared to any other stores. Some don't have the manufacturer warranty or sell copy cats.

But if you are lucky enough or smart enough to pick the right one, you can definitely find some great deals over here.

My father, brother-in-law and some of my friends usually come here for accessories or electronics that are still not available in the market yet. For me, I would only come here for a pod or remote control which did not come with my digital camera.

b)Times Square Mall Hong Kong

You can find different kinds of electronics from these trust-worthy stores located on the 7th, 8th and 9th floor of the mall.

Many students are going overseas to further their study always come here to get electronics that they know that they cannot find it out of Hong Kong.

Most of the electronic products sold in Hong Kong are set up to switch automatically from the "A/C", electrical system we have here in the States, to the "D/C" system found most everywhere else in the world. It is because many people and/or students that buy these products use them overseas.

You still need to make sure that you double check with the sales person that it is all right to use it in the part of the world you plan to use it. It may need a plug adapter,to allow you to plug it in, which normally cost less than US$5.00.

This is also a good reason to do your Hong Kong electronics shopping from a reputable company. Also, buying from malls like; Times Square, Festival Walk, Ocean Centre and Harbour City , because their sales people are more fluent in English.

Always remember to check with the staff in the store, because there is no return or refund policy in Hong Kong. Once you pay for it, you own it.

Something else to check before buying is some electronics warranties are only valid in the country of purchase.

Don't just look for your favorite electronics products. Look through the whole store. There are some products that are specially made smaller for this city, such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, due to the limit of average living space.

Moreover, you will see some electronic products that you will not find anywhere else. They are specially made because of the Chinese culture. Like the picture above shows the purple clay steaming and stewing mugs, soup and herbal pots. They are specially made for people to cook Chinese medicine.

Here is a list of stores for your Hong Kong Electronics shopping. (All Hong Kong websites are bilingual. They always provide a link on their home pages to browse the websites in English.):

1) Fortress - This store has been in business since I was a kid.

2) Broadway - This company has expanded a lot in the last decade.

3) Chung Yuen Electrical

4) Bose - This is "THE" shop for audio-visual products.

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