City Garden Hotel Hong Kong
Great Mid-Priced Hotel
Many 5-Star-Hotel Features

City Garden Hotel Hong Kong should be rated as a 5-star mid-priced hotel, in my opinion.

City Garden Hotel Hong Kong

We stayed at this hotel in Oct 2012 because of 2 reasons. It met our budget and is close by my mom's apartment.

My uncle and his family stayed here for a month several years ago while their apartment was under renovation. We heard a lot of good things from them. But we also understand that different people have different opinions. What my uncle told me could be different from what we were looking for.

We were very fortunate that my sisters and mom insisted to check this place out in person before our reservation. It turned out to be a great found that we will definitely go back again in the future.

Price range (per night)

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Ratings below are based on 1 Lowest to 5 Highest.

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Lobby of City Garden Hotel Hong Kong


What were the scores on our Rating System?

1) Transportation - 5
All transportation is within less than 10-minute walk distance from the hotel. The taxi (coming soon - link to Hong Kong Taxi page) station is just in front of the hotel.

2) Spacious - 5
There was a king size bed in our room plus a crib for my little one that they didn't charge extra for it. With 2 big luggage on the floor, we still had plenty of room to move around. THUMB UP.

Room of City Garden Hotel Hong Kong

I purposefully took this picture of the room after the crib was wheeled in. It was the king size bed.

3) Quiet Surrounding Area - 5
City Garden Hotel Hong Kong (click here to book now) is away from the main road, King's Road. Our room was on the 10th floor and, even better, faced the garden area of a big private housing estate across the street.

We could see the garden of the private housing estate from our room.  People were doing Tai Chi in the morning.

We could see the garden of the private housing estate from our room. People were doing Tai Chi in the morning.

Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier -

4) Easy for Shopping - 3
From a tourist point of view, I rated it this low because most tourists like to check out the luxury and jewelry stores. There are a couple jewelry store about 15 minutes walk away and the North Point market about the same distance. But they are not concentrated at one spot like in Causeway Bay, Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. If you want to stay close to these store and malls, your hotel price will spike up ridiculously.

Understanding that nothing is perfect. You got to weigh which is more important to you.

5) Easy for Eating - 5
Within 8 minutes walking distance from the City Garden Hotel Hong Kong, there are many Hong Kong western franchised restaurants, such as McDonald's, the one next to the MTR station opens 24/7, Burger King, Subway, Starbucks and Pizza Hut even delivers to the hotel.

From the hotel, walk about 15 minutes towards the direction of Causeway Bay, there's a newly developed food district (coming soon - link to Hong Kong Food District page), Tin Hau.

Men...I love this place. You can find all different kinds of cuisines here, such as Japanese, Thai , Vietnamese (coming soon - link to Hong Kong Vietnamese food page), Indian, Korean, Hot Pot and other Hong Kong domestic food (coming soon - link to Hong Kong domestic food page).

When my sister first took me there, I was so excited and thrilled. I couldn't remember how many times I told her, "I don't mind to come here every night to try out different food and restaurants." I am telling you when you don't have many opportunities to taste this food on a regular basis. The craving is really B.A.D....

Another 15 minutes walk away from Tin Hau, it's another food district, Tai Hang.

6) Continental Breakfast - 5
We stayed in City Garden Hotel Hong Kong (click here to book now) for 13 nights. So, 13 FREE breakfast was included in the package.

The breakfast serves in buffet style. It had western pastry, toasts, eggs, bacon, dim sum (coming soon - Hong Kong Dim Sum page), noodles (coming soon - Hong Kong domestic food page), rice, salad, fruit, congee, cereal, juice, coffee and tea. It had Indian, Japanese, Cantonese and/or Shanghai (coming soon - link to Hong Kong Shanghai food page) cusines. It was slightly different every day.

For us, it worked out perfect. It was different enough for me to have varieties. It was also same enough for Perry and my son to eat about the same thing every time we went.

By our second visit of the restaurant for our breakfast, the staff greeted us by our names. It felt so good, "homey" and welcome.

It was very nice of them that they didn't charge for my little one whom didn't ate much at all.

When we checked in, the staff told me that I could use these 13 FREE breakfast at any time. I understood each breakfast per person. And if we use extra, we would be charged accordingly.

So, Perry, my son and I went together a few days for the breakfast. If we needed to pay extra, it would be fine because the food was fine and the service was great.

In the middle of our stay, I did call once to the reception desk to track how many FREE breakfast we used. The representative told me the numbers of breakfast used and left which matched my record.

But when I checked out, they were going to charge me extra. In fact, we happened to finish exactly 13 FREE breakfast without going over the limit.

It turned out that when we showed up together in the restaurant for breakfast, they charged for 2 people. When they punched in the record into their computer system, it didn't know how to adjust it accordingly. Thank goodness, they adjusted my bill and fixed it after my explanation.

Breakfast varieties in City Garden Hotel Hong Kong
Breakfast varieties in City Garden Hotel Hong Kong
Breakfast varieties in City Garden Hotel Hong Kong

These pictures were taken on different dates of our breakfast in the hotel to show you the varieties. Do remember that it has more than just Chinese styles. For people as picky as my hubby and my son that could find something to eat over there. I'm sure anybody would enjoy the breakfast there.

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More Features of City Garden Hotel Hong Kong

Here are more great features about City Garden Hotel Hong Kong. Some of them are included in the package due to its promotion:

a) A FREE MTR 24-hour trip ticket (You can use this ticket by traveling with the MTR to anywhere within 24 hours. BIG MONEY SAVER.) This was in the package which may vary depending on the promotion.

b) An additional baby crib for our little one without extra charge

c) A FREE Hong Kong newspaper every day. The best of all, they gave us South China Morning Post, the best Hong Kong English newspaper. What else can you ask for, right?

d) An AC/DC converter and 2 multi-plug. You can use them freely without any charge. But if you take any of them with you at the time of check-out, it will show up on your bill.

e) A safe and a fridge

f) Swimming pool and jacuzzi open from 7am - 8pm daily. Winter time closes. Not many Hong Kong hotels have this kind of facility, especially the new ones.

Swimming pool of City Garden Hotel Hong Kong

Swimming pool. We could look down from our room to see the pool.

Jacuzzi next to the swimming pool in City Garden Hotel Hong Kong

Jacuzzi next to the swimming pool

g) Gym opens 24/7.

A corner of the gym.  There are 2 more machines and 2 weight-lifting systems

A corner of the gym. There are 2 more machines and 2 weight-lifting systems

h) FREE Wi-Fi (We experienced some limited access on our first day. But it didn't happen for the rest of our stay.)

i) A thermo for boiling water with a few FREE tea bags and instant coffee.

j) Shopping and dining privileges. Each room has a brochure and a privilege card. When you shop at certain malls per the brochure by meeting their required purchase amount, you will either get discount, rewards and/or gifts. (We didn't know about this until Perry opened one of the drawers of the desk and discovered this.)

k) FREE shuttle bus going from City Garden Hotel Hong Kong, 625 King's Road, TaiKoo Place MTR station, TaiKoo Shing and back to the hotel.

This is more for people on business trip.

l) There is a Hong Kong Trade Development Council machine in the City Garden Hotel Hong Kong lobby which issues badges for attending trade shows. There is a staff next to it for assisting you.

m) Next to that machine, there is a service desk providing local tours.

n) 7-Eleven (a 24/7 convenient store) is next door. This was our LIFE saver.

o) Laundry service (this is NOT the hotel laundry service) is right across the street from the hotel. You can pick up the next day. Our experience told us that we need an extra luggage to head back home with all the "trophies" from our shopping blizz. So, it doesn't make sense to occupy the space of that extra luggage. That's why we only brought 1 week of clothing. For cleaning 40 pounds of clothes throughout the whole trip, it cost us less than HKD200 (approximately USD26). It definitely worth it.

p) There are 2 restaurants and a bar inside the hotel. One of the restaurants, Yue Hong Kong Chinese restaurant, is rated as a Micheline star restaurant in 2012.

I always say that you can't get everything perfect. You got to weigh for your preference and/or priorities. All in all, I think City Garden Hotel Hong Kong is wonderful. Will I come back again? Yes, yes, yes....200%... NO doubt.

For more pictures of City Garden Hotel Hong Kong, click here.

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