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Hong Kong tour for kids is to dedicated to parents traveling with children from age 3-8.

Hong Kong tour for kids

A HK tour for kids in the Hong Kong Airport

The goal of this page is not purely for kids. It is for parents and kids. I truly believe that the balance is the way to have fun.

Being parents , my hubby and I have a mission. That is to expose our son as many things as we can. So, we travel more than before.

Also because of that, we realized that things which are very obvious and parents think that their kids would be interested in or even love, it turned out to be not as expected. We learned it from the hard way.

As a result, we started to look into from a different angle through the eyes of our son of ... what makes the kids excited? What make them ticked?

Here is the list of places that we recommend you to check out in your next Hong Kong tour for kids:

Warning: Some places that I thought that they are waste of time. But in the eyes of a child, it is not. I will further elaborate as we go along the list.

Hong Kong Kids Travel Kit

Before your child(ren) and you enjoy the Hong Kong vacation, you must pack the luggage, right?  Is it a challenge for you?

After many years of domestic and international travel with my only son, we learned a lot during the process.  I put together a trip planner of check list for you.  Feel free to customize it the way your child(ren) or you need and/or want during the trip.  You will be surprised a little bit of plan like this make a big difference.

Hong Kong Tour For Kids - Attractions

The child is in awe to see all of these ocean creatures.  Can you imagine that expression on your child's face?

Look at my 3-year-old...he was in awe to see all of these ocean creatures in the Ocean Park Hong Kong.  Can you imagine that expression on your child's face in the next Hong Kong tour for kids?

1) Ocean Park Hong Kong

2) Hong Kong Disneyland

These 2 theme parks are no brainer. At the same time, you need to be selective and get the balance.

Some attractions are not for your kids, for instance, the haunted houses in the Ocean Park during the Halloween. Some may be too boring to you, such as Autopia in Disneyland.

But there are definitely more than enough attractions for your child(ren) and yourselves to choose from.

Look at that determination and enthusiasm on the face to pull that sword out of the stone

Look at that determination and enthusiasm on the face to pull that sword out of the stone

3) Ngong Ping 360

The cable car with the crystal bottom and the cartoon in the Monkey Tale's Theatre would grab the attention of a child right away. On top of that, you can shop and take many pictures in the village of Ngong Ping.

4) The Giant Buddha

Do you think that climbing up 286 steps to the Buddha is tiring? Well, to a child, it is a great challenge and adventure.

My 3-year-old got up and down that staircase just by holding our hands. Besides, this is a good way to get their energy out.

5) Tai O Fishing Village and the Chinese White Dolphins Watch

The boat tour within the fishing village may not be too exciting. But when the boat heads out to the ocean, having the water spraying on your faces and the expectations to see the dolphins right in front of your eyes....that expression on your kid(s) face(s) is PRICELESS.

Adults, like one of my sisters, may be afraid of height because of the cystal-bottom cable car in Ngong Ping 360.  Not my little one....

Adults, like one of my sisters, may be afraid of height because of the cystal-bottom cable car in Ngong Ping 360.  Not my little one....

6) Hong Kong Stanley Market

Your kid(s) may not be too thrilled to shop. But remember, the balance...

You can shop in the market for a bit. Then, take the child(ten) to the beaches to enjoy themselves. They are literally next to each other. One stone for two birds. Plus, there are a lot of restaurants in the area serving different cuisines.

If it is Mid-Autumn festival, you all will be in awe. The only setback is that you may have the hard time to get back to the city from Stanley during the festival, even public transportation is so convenient in Hong Kong.

Talking about that festival, you can even consider to take them to check out the lantern exhibitions where most of them are MTR accessible.  If the kids have a chance to hold a lantern in their hands, this trip will be the most memorable one for them.

Have you ever said, "I don't have as much energy as my kids."?  Well, here you go...  Let them get their energy out in the Hong Kong Giant Buddha

Have you ever said, "I don't have as much energy as my kids."?  Well, here you go...  Let them get their energy out in the Giant Buddha in the coming Hong Kong tour for kids

7) The Hong Kong Victoria Peak

The Peak tram is a must. I beg your kid(s) will get the kick out of it. The tram climbs up the hill on a super steep slope. Even you are on the seat, you still feel like you are going to fall off at any time.

8) The Junk Boat Tour

Except you live in a country where there are ferries and boats that kids are exposed to them on a daily basis. Otherwise, kids seem so into boats, ferries and ships.

The junk boat is big enough to travel in a pretty calm harbour. Sea sick is very rare.

Plus, you get to enjoy the Hong Kong skyline, the Victoria Harbour and the ride of the boat that Hong Kong people used to travel across the harbor decades ago.

If you can't fit into the junk boat schedule, try the Hong Kong Star Ferry. The ride is much shorter and more affordable.

9) Hong Kong tram tour

Beside boats and ferries, tram is another rare transportation that your kid(s) and you may enjoy.

The price is super low. When the children have enough of the tram, you can get off at any time without worrying about the money spent.

10) Ma Wan Park Noah's Ark (coming soon - link to Hong Kong Ma Wan Park Noah's Ark page)

This is the world first replica of the Noah's Ark. With the children museum, nature garden, exhibition, restaurants and more, this is a family place to visit.

11) The Jumbo (Floating restaurant) (coming soon - link to Hong Kong Floating Restaurant page)

To get into the restaurant, you must take a short boat tour. I am pretty sure dining in a floating restaurant would be a unique experience for your family.

You can take this Hong Kong tour for kids guide as a whole. You can also take part of the list and add other Hong Kong attractions. There is no limitation to your imagination. It is all about Fun.

Check out the photo albums on my Facebook page.

Check back later for more update.

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